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Cup of Tea Photographic Wall Art Are you looking for some local art to adorn your waiting room or trying to spice up your business' newsletter?  Do you have a vintage motorcycle that you would love to commemorate or a family heirloom that you want to display while at the same time keeping it locked away? You have found the solution to your problem. I offer a unique service for small businesses and individuals alike, called project photography, providig you with the diital images and prints of the scenes you need. Businesses have always used photographers for advertising purposes, but this same service can be used by individuals. Project photography is portrait photography for your personal possessions.

Photography Where You Want it, How You Want it.

Ardent Photography offers professional photographic services for individuals and businesses. Projects range from realty photographs and product shots to personal portraits and commissioned art.

For Businesses: Project photography is not a new concept, but rather a new way of providing image services. The idea is to create a more personal experience for the customer and to make advertising easier for the small business. I create images of local landmarks, your coffee house door, or the subject of your logo, drawing in customers with a unique and personal touch. I specialize in taking the everyday items of life, and making them unique. Creating a stand-out image, something that makes a consumer look twice, is about seeing what is oft overlooked and making that stand out. Let me help you stand out in this sea of mediocrity.

For Individuals: Project photography is a new opportunity for the everyday person to have unique and personal art. It gives you the opportunity to showcase the important things in your life, and to create lasting memories through photography. Project photography is all about taking the objects in your life, and turning them into usable art. When it comes to photography, most people only think of family portraits. They want to remember the years before: when James had long hair, when Amanda had braces, the year Jamie was born. When it comes to everything else in our lives, we rely on the random snap shot. Have you spent years restoring a classic car? Capture it in its mint condition forever. Not only are you preserving a moment in time, but you are adding to it an artistic touch that decorates your walls with history and style. With Project Photography you can capture your world and put it on your walls.

Please contact me at to discuss your photographic needs and how I can help you accomplish them.

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Etsy Shop Etsy is an online shopping experiance for all items handmade. Please look around, it is a great place to find unique handmade items and a full gallery of my work.
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The Camo Violin Photographic Wall Art Iced Makers Mark Photographic Wall Art
Sunset Trucking Photographic Wall Art Optimism Positive Photographic Wall Art
Frisko Freeze Tacoma Institution Wall Art Morning Light Skull Hunting Photographic Wall Art
Vintage Red Car Front End Photographic Wall Art Downward Guitar Musical Photographic Wall Art
Green Circuit Board Technology Photographic Wall Art A Glass of Rose Photographic Wall Art by Sarah McTernen