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Tracks photographic art by Sarah McTernen

"I picked up the 'Tracks' and 'Demon on the Door' pieces, which I am both very pleased with. The transition of focus from the immediate foreground to the surrounding/background objects in the 'Tracks' is a great look to me. I also liked the abstract/rustic kind of look in the 'Demon on the Door', which I feel leaves this piece very open to the viewer as to what they perceive to be looking at. Also, the frame choices by the artist were a perfect match for the art. A great artist, very professional, one who I will definitely do business with again."

~Satisfied Customer
Mount Rainier Aerial Photographic Art by Sarah McTernen

"I love your outlook on things and the photos I saw. They are really nice."


"Your work is so powerful, expressive,(and) pertinent. You are truly a great artist. I applaud your work."

~ibrahim, ImageKind Artist

Celestial Flame Art Photography by Sarah McTernen
“Sarah has one of the sharpest eyes in photogrpahy. I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years and have worked with many people around the world. I was more then impressed with her professionalism. Her ability to take focus on the task at hand and the ability to take an average black and white image and turn it into an image that is truley stunning. I will work with her again and probably learn a few things from the next generation of photographer.”

~Greg Farley , Owner , HOPE Int
Mary and Rich art portraits by Sarah McTernen

“Sarah is a joy to work with. She designed both my business cards and my website.”
~Mary Huff, Spiral Dragonfly Coaching

“Sarah is without question one of the most creative people I've had the pleasure
of knowing and working with during the course of the last few years. Photography
is not just what she does, it is a love affair with the beauty and reality that surround us.
If you're in the market for a cookie-cutter headshot, this is not the place. But if you want to capture
the intensity of the joy that comes from a birth of a child, or need some amazing nature
shots for your office space, Ardent Photography is the ONLY place to go."
~Klaudia Conradt

"Hello Sarah. I just wanted to share what a great Job you did on my website !
I get complements all the time like you would not believe and it has won my company many bids for work.
Thank you very much for the hard work that you put in to it."
~Bob Smith


“Sarah is great at listening to what her customers ideas are, and
translating that information in an artistic interpretation of those ideas.
Very creative in her views and the outcome is great. She has a great
deal of integrity and works hard to provide what her customers want.”
~Rich Frankenberg